What is Project Boat Zen?

What is Project Boat Zen?

I have started this site to share some of what I have learned in over 40 years in the marine industry. The idea of this site is to provide useful and practical information for anyone working on their boat. Why Project Boat Zen? I mean […]

The Project Boat Manual

The Project Boat Manual

The Project Boat manual is a a side project of mine to help those working on or thinking about working on a project boat plan and organize their project. There is a lot of information out there about how to do the work but little […]

Guerilla Boat Repair

Guerilla Boat Repair

Guerilla boat repair is all about the art of making repairs that will keep you going. Whether you need to make emergency repairs or just keep the beer cold making on the fly repairs is an important part of cruising. in this series we will […]

Industry News

Industry News

Whats new in the boat building and repair industry. I will try to feature news worthy items that anyone working on a boat may fine useful. This could include new equipment, new tools, or new ways of doing something. If you see something of interest […]


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  • Persistence


    If there ever was a key to the success of any project boat it surely is Persistence. There will be days and weeks where it feels like no progress is being made, or worse yet you feel like you are going backwards. The trick is […]

  • Better Boating with Less

    Better Boating with Less

    As we start the New Year many of us are making resolutions to lose weight. This is a good goal to set and while we’re at it, it might not be a bad idea to help our boats lose some extra weight as well.  We […]

  • Winterizing your Boat

    Winterizing your Boat

    Like it or not winter is coming. As much as I hate the thought of no more boating for several months the reality is we must soon get ready for the cold weather. Even those of us who are lucky enough to live in an […]

  • Taking it apart

    Taking it apart

    The first step in any restoration, or repair project is to remove the old part or parts requiring replacement. At first this would seem a simple task just get out the tools and have at it. But we all know nothing is that simple when […]

  • The “Right Way”

    The “Right Way”

    I often read in other repair forums and listen to other boaters on the dock talk about doing things “the right way” and using only the best materials and construction methods. They are often very insistent that there is only one way to do things, […]

  • Boat Yard Safety

    Boat Yard Safety

    Ahh it is that time of year, time to get out the scrapers and paint brushes, fire up the sanders and buffers and get to work on preparing your boat for another season in the sun. This is also is the time of year most […]

  • Replacing Seacock on a Lagoon 38 Video

    Replacing Seacock on a Lagoon 38 Video

    In this 4 part Video series I show how I replaced the seacock on Eyra a Lagoon 38 catamaran. In part one I show the removal of the old thru hulls and ball valves. In part 2 I show how to fiberglass in holes left […]

  • Purchasing a Hurricane Damaged Boat

    Purchasing a Hurricane Damaged Boat

    By Capt. Wayne Canning, AMS                 Whenever there is a major storm along the coast it is soon followed by a wave of damaged boats being sold by owners and insurance companies. These boats can often be a bargain for those with the skills and […]

  • Maintaining your Propane system.

    Maintaining your Propane system.

    By  Capt. Wayne Canning                 Most modern cruisers are equipped with propane as their primary cooking fuel.  Northern sailors often use it for heating as well. It is perhaps one of the best cooking and heating fuels as it is readily available, clean burning and […]

  • Shore Cord Maintenance

    Shore Cord Maintenance

    By Capt. Wayne Canning, AMS Today’s boats are more comfortable and filled with shore side amenities than ever before. We like our Air conditioning TVs and microwave ovens. Nothing wrong with that. But as we place more electrical demands on our boats we also place […]

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